This presence is maintained by me, Herwig Diessner (hdiessner, aka AstroHD). I live in the southern part of Germany, right between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. My passion for astronomy and astro photography started more or less when I started to read - so as a kid, I already was able to navigate the sky and find specific stars or constellations without any helping tools. At the same time, I was into IT (rather programming than playing games) so even on my first computer (a Schneider CPC) I wrote programs e.g. to calcuate ephemerides for planets so I could calculate for myself, at what time I could watch which planet. After graduation from School, I studied Business Information Technology (Diploma) and started working in the IT business. During that time, I somehow “forgot” my passion for the universe but in 2012, I re-discovered this hobby and built my roof-top observatory in 2014. Since that time, I constantly keep improving and upgrading my equipment, my software and my skills.

Clear skies!